The lawyers of LexProf completed a long complex project and received an extremely rare in judicial practice court decision

A client of the law firm, properly fulfilling contractual obligations, required the principal to pay agency fees for the repair of 2 helicopters (2 million rubles). Instead of paying debts to the client, a claim was made to recover 13 million rubles. Forfeit under an agency agreement. Using procedural mistakes of opponents, the lawyers of LexProf succeeded in terminating the proceedings in their case and filed a lawsuit in defense of the client about the recovery of agency fees in the amount of 2 million rubles.

The complexity of the case was that the client of the law firm acted in the disputed legal relationship as a subagent, and the right to collect the debt was transferred to him under an agent’s cession. The subject of proof included the fact of execution of the agency contract through the actions of the subagent. Objections of opponents amounted to the fact that the agency contract was not executed as it was performed by the subagent.

The legal concept of the subagency contract is rarely found in judicial practice, there are no explanations of the higher courts for it. But the lawyers of LexProf successfully defended the rights of the client in all instances.