Litigation, Arbitration, Dispute Resolutions

LexProf is a team of lawyers with expertise and vast experience in legal representation and dispute resolution.

Оur lawyers are highly experienced at legal representation in key industries such as construction, hydromechanics and telecommunications.

Our clients are large and medium-sized regional businesses in different industries including construction, energy development, aviation, high technology, transport, restaurant business, agriculture and processing industry.

Litigation and arbitration

In pre-trial dispute resolution we offer the following services

  • legal analysis of initial documentation and predictions of possible outcomes of litigation, ascertaining relevant legal strategies and assessment of associated risks;

  • legal support of the client’s claim;

  • participating in pre-trial dispute resolution: analyzing and summarizing court trial practice, advising on law enforcement matters, advising on legal strategy and preparation of documents for conciliation;

  • pre-trial case preparation based on effective legal strategies, preparation of court petitions and collecting relevant documents.

Legal representation in court

  • representation of our clients’ interests in economic and civil courts of the Russian Federation at all levels including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation;

  • representation of our client’s interests in the economic courts;

  • representation of our client’s interests in the International Commercial Arbitration affiliated with the Russian Chamber of Commerce;

  • representation of our client’s interests during the judicial acts enforcement proceedings in the Russian courts;

  • representation of our clients’ interests related to the acknowledgement and enforcement of foreign awards.

We counsel our clients on the following issues:

  • debt recovery;

  • disputes over ownership;

  • investment disputes;

  • disputes regarding taxation, finance, customs, monetary issues, environmental and antitrust legislation;

  • bankruptcy;

  • bidding in tenders: we represent the interests organizers and defend the interests of participants;

  • disputes concerning the operations with promissory notes, as well as other disputes arising out of different securities transactions;

  • disputes arising out of accessory obligations (pledge, bank guarantee, surety);

  • corporate disputes.