Tax Law

We know that tax law compliance is a matter that requires our clients’ constant attention. Even in cases where a client does not have tax issues, a company requires active risk assessment of how to prevent or reduce relevant tax risks.

Our experience shows that legal services obtained during tax audits are most effective when lawyers have been involved from the initial point at which a tax authority makes a determination to carry out an audit.

Services in the sphere of Tax Law

We provide expertise in all the following

  • tax calculation and payment;

  • identification and assessment of tax risks;

  • legal strategies and guidance on minimizing tax legal risks;

  • relevant forms and compliance with orders to provide information to a tax auditor.

We provide legal protection of taxpayers’ rights during desk and field tax audit

  • information analysis prior to tax audit;

  • legal protection of taxpayers’ rights during tax audit;

  • preparation of objections on certain tax audit acts;

  • representing our clients to tax authorities during a tax audit.

We provide administrative protection of the taxpayers’ rights as well as representing taxpayers in court

  • administrative review of cases through our appeal system once a tax audit is completed;

  • resolution of cases in court including preparation of documents and collecting required evidence for submission and representation in Court;

  • advising on measures which can be taken in order to prevent imposition of tax sanctions;

  • preparation of necessary documentation to suspend certain decisions and taking measures to neutralize the risk of losing any assets prior to decisions of Courts being enforced;

  • providing of legal representation during the enforcement proceedings.